What is Certification?

Prepared, Initiated, Certified !

Eco-Schools certification symbolizes a standard of environmental excellence for primary and secondary schools in the Bangladesh. Engaging in this program enables students, teachers, school administrators, other staff members, and families to gain a comprehensive understanding of their present environmental approaches and to actively make changes to diminish their environmental impact.

The Eco-Schools program rests upon two essential pillars: the Eco-Schools Framework, which is embraced by more than 70 countries worldwide, and the Eco-Schools 12 Themes. Annually, schools seek certification by engaging in environment and nature-related activities, campaigns, and projects. These efforts are documented within the online Eco-Schools Certification Application (ECA) to earn points in Eco-School Bangladesh. At the conclusion of the year, school submissions are evaluated and granted a final certification level.

Enhances the prospects of effectively addressing the multifaceted sustainability challenges the nation faces In essence, the Eco Schools Bangladesh programme serves as a model for fostering change through education. By fostering a generation of environmentally conscious individuals, it lays a foundation for the broader societal transformations necessary to achieve a more sustainable future in Bangladesh and beyond.

  • Creating leaders of change in their communities
  • Empowering future decision-makers
  • Widening their learning beyond the classroom
  • Helping them develop responsible attitudes and commitment
  • Increasing their levels of confidence and motivation
  • Enhancing their participate on in environmental actions
  • Improving their skills and knowledge in all subject areas, including teamwork
  • Boost up their mental and physical wellbeing.
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