The Seven Step Framework

Start Your Journey

The Eco-Schools Seven Steps method is a comprehensive guide that helps schools implement sustainable practices and engage students in environmental stewardship. This guidelines thoughtfully designed series of actions aimed at enhancing schools’ success in achieving their Eco-School goals. It entails the active participation of various members from the school community, with students taking a central part.

Method 1 : Form an Eco Committee

The primary force behind the programme initiative and the selected committee will represent the school’s collective viewpoint.

Method 2 : Carry out a Sustainability Audit

Assists the school in recognizing its present environmental and social influence, highlighting positive aspects as well as areas needing improvement.

Method 3 : Action Plan

Forms the central aspect of your Eco-Schools endeavors and should be created based on the outcomes of your Sustainability Audit.

Method 4 : Monitor and Evaluate

To determine the success of your progress towards the objectives outlined in your Action Plan, it is essential to consistently monitor and measure your advancements.

Method 5 : Curriculum Work

In addition to elevating the programme’s stature, aligning Eco-Schools activities with the curriculum guarantees a genuine integration of Eco-Schools within the school community.

Method 6 : Inform and Involve

Ensuring widespread participation and Actions should extend beyond the school environment; for instance, students should carry home ideas to implement in their own settings.

Method 7 : Produce an Eco Code

A declaration illustrating the school’s dedication to promoting sustainability.

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