In 25 years, Eco-Schools has developed from a European educational programme to a global model for environmental education and sustainability at the international level.


When the programme was launched in 1994, it ran a logo competition for Eco-Schools, for an image that would visualise environmental school education and student involvement. The winning entry formed today’s logo with people as the centre of the programme, who are responsible for greening the future. This is symbolised by the flowers growing from the central person’s arms. The flowers symbolise both the environment that shelters and protects humans, as well as the knowledge gained by students who participate in the programme and whose actions help develop values, attitudes and behaviour towards the environment. The book in the logo represents schools and knowledge, with two different pages; the blue page represents the past, the history that one needs to familiarise with and the problems in society already created and need to be dealt with. The white page represents the future, a blank page to be filled with new knowledge and innovative experiences.

Eco-Schools Bangladesh History:

Eco-Schools Bangladesh has been encouraging the primary and secondary schools to adopt environmental practices and curriculums since August 2023. The Eco-Schools Programme has seen the remarkable influence our students and communities have had on a global scale over the years, bringing attention to critical environmental issues.

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